EST TEAM: Stefano Morelli, Ruben Carboni, Alessia Esposito, Giorgio Marotta


Engineer // Co-founder


“I believe in the power of design thinking and resarch. I’ve been blessed with a wide range of working experience through civil engineering, surfboard industries, sustainable materials engineering, architecture and graphic design that shaped me into a highly-skilled, well-rounded designer profile. I want to be inspired by fresh ideas, and I consider collaborative processes are a powerful tool for this aim. My main desire is that my work could boost good initiatives and stimulate sensible policies for our environment, both built and natural. For those reasons, I will keep learning and studying to better fit myself with this mission.”


Architect // Co-founder


“In this era marked by widespread multiplication of “flirty” images built for a faster consumption that leads only the flattening of taste, I believe that only through a heavy design concept equipped with a good dose of research and innovation we can obtain architecture with value and substance. My working experience in different fields taught me that the best design borns when various disciplines such as architecture, design, technologies, art connect themselves to create something unique.”


Engineer // Project Assistant


“I’m Alessia, an engineer in love with architecture and fascinated by its capacity to relate us with nature and create spaces. I firmly believe in the power of beauty: architecture is a powerful way to reach it. I like to research new shapes, new materials according to the respect of nature and social relationships. I attended a master about architecture, museography and strategic design of archaeological areas. During this time, I had the opportunity to practice architecture in different international environments with the principal goal to design and set up reversible solutions.”


Senior Interior Decorator // Purchase Manager


“I’ve spent one-half of my years designing, sketching and building pieces of furniture, installation and interiors. I’ve spent the other ones in “fighting” with people, but I’ve never given up the pitch because I love to play, and I believe in my capacity to get over the obstacles. I’m a generous guy with strong willing and with experience on the field. I was born in a woodshop, and here I’ve learned the secrets of wood art and started to sketch creatively. I love to find quickly smart solutions for spaces, that’s my attitude, and with this, I want to keep going in my future.”



International Design competition “Ideas for a Walkway on the Martesana Canal”
Honourable Mention
Promoted by Council of Engineers and Architects of Milan
International design competition “Europe Become”
Honourable Mention
Promoted by Atelier Paema


International design competition “Ideas for a temporary store in Soho Manhattan, NWY”
1st place
Promoted by Official Made In Italy


ADI – Compasso d’oro Award
Honourable Mention, category “Sport and Performance”.
Promoted by ADI – Association for Industrial Design
RoPlastic Prize by Rossana Orlandi
Honourable Mention, category “Design Product Innovation”
Promoted by Rossana Orlandi
Pitch Competition
3rd place
Promoted by Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs Marche Region

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