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Civitanova Marche (MC), Italy
Jul 2015

-This was a shoemaker’s shop once!Did you know? He had to be in his fifties, big hands and a lively gaze typical of someone who knows his trade. – I poured this floor myself, but now, to renew the place, it needs to be smoother and brighter, do what you can. Then, I want a grand entrance that covers that kettle there, and a floating table. Hey guys, I like the wine! Keep it in mind. I come here on vacation from now on! ..-  The rest of the story is a flat playing on a few elements defining this nice loft. An entrance/pantry that hides utilities and accessories, completed with a corian table to call up the kitchen top. To the warm color of the rosewood, respond the thin black sections of the ceiling lamp and wall furniture that enhance the tones of the microcement floor.


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