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Ancona, Italy
Jul 2016

Wind and sea, colors and smells.
Mediterraneo is a project that develops these elements in the interior design of a stone rural house. Laid down on a lush hill by the adriatic sea this house is divided in six indipendent apartments. The exterior of the house is entirely finished in local pink/white stone with a traditional gable roof. Our concept for the interior is based on the integration of the all “living functions” in a unique open space. We looked for a material consistency in harmony with its immediate context and we used traditonal and natural surfaces, but the interior layout and design atmosphere suits perfectly the contemporary lifestile of its owner. From the blue tiles of the kitchen to the wood details of the fireplace area, any elements is studied to evoke a seaside feeling.
In the master room a spectacular window frames the panoramic view to the sea like it’s a painting.
This lighted atmosphere is increased by the contrast between the white of the wood roof and the dark grey reflections of the wood floor.


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