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Monte San Giusto (MC), Italy
Sep 2016


Sublime is a project that stems from the collaboration between Est platform and Nerd Srl an experienced firm in sustainable materials and technologies for furniture production. This incredible men’s wear store is divided in two areas: the first one is dedicated to the exposition of clothes while the second, smaller, is a marvelous room for men’s accessories. The first space is defined by a lattice of rails that restored the old soul of the slaughterhouse in renovated way, the second is characterized by a handmade wall-paper composed by a collage of portions that belong to a more than fifteen famous paintings ( from Botticelli till Brueghel). The cardboard furniture of the shop includes: a cash desk, a radial counter, a drop ceiling/chandelier (tailored for the accessories’s room) and a cardboard wall. The main innovation consists of assembling components without any kind of glue and so in the possibility of a quick and economic substitution of any single components whenever these appear deteriorated or whenever there is a need to change the appearance of the objects ( for instance change colors , shape exc.).


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