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Ancona (AN), Italy
Jan 2016

Do’ Vizi bistrot tells the story of two guys, their dreams and speaks about a travel between traditional taverns, typical products and about several night at open sky. The story starts with the discovery of a space digged in the rocks inside an historical building overlooking the ancient fisherman’s road of Ancona. The chronicle is articulated by discoveries of objects that emerge since the first demolition: an ancient cavern, a cast iron pipe of an abandoned fishing vessel, steel and wood of all sorts. So the rigeneration of the discovered objects becomes an inevitable assignment. The design of furnitures is draft by the typical sign of the traditional inn, but is lighted by a line that belongs to the present.

Now all is ready and from the big glass wall, in the front side, you can see the sunset’s colors and the spectacular departures of the ferry boats.
A new journey is on the air….


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