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Sant’Agata Bolognese (BO), Italy
Sep 2016


The roundabout, hosts the installation of “A young lady named Bright” and builds a mirage.
We started with the ambition to visualize the concept of the speed of light. The speed of light, according to special relativity, is the maximum speed at which matter or information may travel. The most relevant problem in trying to go fast as light is that you can’t if you are something with mass. However you can theoretically reach the speed of light if you are like a dust, namely you
should be a body without mass. So we design a super light structure in steel white pipe, covered in PVC, that goes fast as a light. We de-materialized the structure thanks to a synchronized movements of LED lights beneath the installation. In that way we tell fifty years of history in a continuum movement and morphing. Shapes, geometries, velocity and meanings change their intensity with the variation of the natural and artificial lights during the day.

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